Yahya Jammeh rejects Gambia Election Results “in totality”, shortly after promoting Army Officials

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The Gambia is in for another shock tonight.

President Yahya Jammeh who shocked observers all over the world after conceding defeat to opposition candidate, Adamma Barrow has just reversed himself according to reports out of the country.

Jammeh appearing in a broadcast to the nation televised on the state run GRTS announced his rejection of the country’s election results citing tabulation errors on the part of the IEC, Independent Electoral Commission of The Gambia. Jammeh claimed that he might have won the election. 

A citizen journalist who followed the broadcast, quoted the wavering Jammeh as saying, “All the parties were called to IEC to say there were errors on the level of the IEC, mistakes are unacceptable. I hereby reject the results in totality. Our investigations revealed that in some cases voters were told opposition won already, they returned home. Interesting enough the number of the voters card did not tally with one on voter register”

It is yet to be seen whether the iron-fisted Jammeh’s announcement has the backing of the country’s Army with reports suggesting the ruler might have lost grip of his main power structure

Reports emerged on Thursday that the Gambian dictator promoted 49 military officers before Friday evening’s broadcast.

Yahya Jammeh notorious for shutting down the internet and banning international calls from his country during the just concluded elections still appears to be popular with a tribal segment of his country. 

No one can tell what will happen next in The Gambia.

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