The French presidency is slipping away from Francois Fillon

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Francois Fillon was the favoured candidate to win the French presidency according to online polls and massive support from French voters.

Fillon’s nightmare began after damning allegations were made about his wife Penelope Fillon receiving hundreds of thousands of euros from his office for work as a parliamentary assistant which she failed to do, in a controversy now known as “Penelopegate.”

The presidential candidate denied the claims and reiterated that his wife’s employment was above board.

Since the allegations, online polls have revealed that 69 percent of voters want Fillon to drop his presidential bid.

Mr Fillon has accused his opponents of creating a scandal in a bid to destroy his candidacy.

National Front leader, Marine Le Pen has witnessed growing support following the Fillon controversy. Polls have also shown that centrist and firebrand Emmanuel Macron is also a favourite to win the presidency after the allegations against Fillon’s wife.

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