An unconventional guide to UK’s snap elections

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Elections in the UK are scheduled every five years, but a snap election can happen if it is called for by a two-thirds majority vote from parliament or if there’s a vote of no confidence in the government.

But the UK just had elections two years ago right? You ask. It’s understandable that they have snap elections scheduled since the Brexit vote and appointment of a new prime minister. This election is expected to give citizens another opportunity to forge a new future for the country.

Why is the election important?

BREXIT! Remember that dramatic decision by UK citizens which left David Cameron no choice but to resign? Yeah, that one. Today, voters will elect leaders to fill 650 seats in the House of Commons, the lower chamber of Britain’s parliament. Whichever party wins the most seats will have the super power to decide the legislative agenda and determine how the UK will ease out of the European Union.

Healthcare, terrorism and the economy are also big issues driving the elections. Since the recent spate of terrorist attacks, voters have been mad at Theresa May for budget cuts in the police force during her time as home secretary.

What’s at stake?

Theresa May’s tenure. Although the polls are currently in her corner as favourite to win, since the terrorists attacks in London, there has been a surge in the Labour Party’s popularity. However, analysts believe that their rise in the polls will not determine electoral victory.

The snap elections are shocking because May had repeatedly said she was not going to call for it, she definitely shocked everyone with this decision.

Currently, her party does not have majority seats in parliament so she will try to use this election to get more Tory seats in parliament so they can have a say about Britain’s big divorce from the EU.

On the other hand, Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour party has butt heads with the Tories about exactly how the sad divorce should happen. His party will attempt to win more seats in parliament so the EU/Britain separation can happen on their terms.

The 411 post-snap election

This election is competitive and there’s a lot at stake for both parties. Whoever wins today will need to hit the ground running with not a lot of time for gloating or victory laps. The divorce agreement from the EU will have to be decided as soon as possible. The prenup in this case is two-folds, completely breaking away or creating a lifeline for further engagement.

Whatever happens, we’ll be watching.

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